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Ani Harutyunyan is an HR manager with over 10 years’ experience, her path in HR started in 2010 when she received her PGDip in HRM in UK, she also holds a master’s degree in political science and Bachelor in Philology from Yerevan State University. Ani started her career as a senior recruitment and retention specialist in the biggest Telecommunication Company where
Ashe gained priceless communication, time management, while working with strict deadlines and negotiation skills. After she utilized her knowledge and values as already an HR Manager in IT sector and Insurance, she was integrated with all the HR procedures. Now she works as a freelance consultant. Ani always links justice with human resource management which is manifest in an extensive body of organizational culture, it concerns the perceptions of employees about the fairness of organizational policies and procedures. As a human resource manager who serves to create and sustain fair organization she uses her knowledge of labor legislation, empathy and strong communication skills. For her, life is a learning circle, now she is in the process of receiving her SHRM,SCIp certification, which gives her more insights of modern international trends in HRM.

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