Armenian HR Association is 14 !!!

Armenian HR Association is 14!!!

When establishing in 2010, we were a small community. And now, the Association has 800+ subscribers and 75 members, who are united around the realization of common goals and are sharing their experience and innovative ideas through our events, clubs, and meetings.

In these 14 heartwarming years we have had:

  • 113 HR Clubs
  • 70+ workshops
  • 40+ industry specific discussion meetings
  • 40+ webinars
  • 11 Annual Regional Conferences
  • 10+ workforce development projects and reports
  • 4 verified HR courses
  • 2 CSR programs
  • implemented many projects

Over the time, we have established partnerships with the largest international HR associations and organizations, such as EAPM, AIHR, SHRM, and others.

Everything is still ahead…

Happy Birthday, dear Armenian HR Association