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  • Persistent professional development and promotion;
  • Active, full-fledged cooperation, exchange of experience and mutual assistance with the professional HR network operating in Armenia;
  • Expansion and exchange of experience with the international HR specialists and HR management companies;
  • Discussion and resolution of HR related issues;
  • Ensure participation in legislative changes regarding the HRM field;
  • Participation in the Association’s “HR Clubs”, “HR Breakfasts” and in other formats;
  • Constant awareness of the latest HR related news;
  • Discounts for participation in many international and local certification and training programs;
  • Opportunity to participate in the world-famous conferences and a flexible system of discounts;
  • Discounts for participation in the largest HR-event of the year – Annual Regional HR Conference, and other HR-events;
  • Ability to give your questions and answers to them;
  • Just a pleasant, friendly and informative setting.