LIVE Expo Registration Form. 9th Annual Regional HR Conference

Thank you for joining us as a LIVE EXPO participant. We are excited to pass this path with you!
The on-line conference will be on the topic of “HR: The New Normal”, where we will focus to share the successfully implemented HR cases and practices of big international companies all over the world during the lock-down. The event will take place on-line on August 21.

The package includes:

  • Logo of the company listed in the “EXPO” tab of the event platform
  • Company profile set in the “EXPO” page of the event platform
  • Lead, traffic, interaction generation
  • Promotion of partnership on social media pages of the conference. The number of followers of “Cascade Consultants” and the Armenian HR Association is about 17,000 in social networks.
  • Logo of the company as EXPO Participant on the official website of the conference with the active link of your company page (
  • In-booth offers for attendees and downloadable content
  • Opportunity to hold LIVE interactive sessions in your booth
  • Opportunity to have a representative of the company LIVE in the booth having conversations with the attendees throughout the whole event
  • Invitation to the Conference of 5 employees of the company

Still have questions?

    Company Name

    Name of the Contact Person in charge

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    Please, indicate the phone number of the above-mentioned mobile application

    E-mail of the Contact Person, who is in charge

    Short information about your company in English (if you want the information to be displayed in other languages as well, please, provide that information as well)

    Please, attach a high quality logo of your organization or a vector file

    Your website link

    Social media links of your company

    YouTube or website links of your services and products, mobile application links, if any, that you intend to promote during the conference

    ZOOM link for the LIVE session in your booth

    Names and surnames, emails of the 2 representatives from your organization that will be taking care of your booth

    Names and Surnames of 5 attendees from your organization that will be participating in the event

    Please, attach any downloadable promotional content (Power Point, PDF, other files) that the participants can download to get more information about you, your products and services. If there will be any additional content, please, sent it to the [email protected] email address by July 31.

    Please, confirm that you understand that your organization is the only one who is responsible that the representatives of your Expo are online in the booth and are following their duties on the day of the event.

    LIVE Expo Presenter Fee

    Price: 120,000 AMD (250$)