The 11th Regional Conference – “The Nature of Leadership”

The 11th regional conference, themed “The Nature of Leadership,” was successfully convened on September 29 in Armenia. Hosted by the Cascade People & Business company with the support of Armenian HR Association, the event attracted over 200 participants. Among them were esteemed figures in the human resources community, professionals, mid to senior-level managers from local and international organizations, as well as trainers and emerging leaders.
Distinguished by its commitment to addressing contemporary issues impacting the global and regional business landscape, this year’s conference presented a unique agenda, offering comprehensive content and leaving a lasting impression. The central focus of the event was on leadership, specifically exploring alternative formats for leadership development and practice.

Featuring renowned speakers from eight countries—Republic of South Africa, Poland, Oman, Jordan, Tunisia, Russia, Serbia, and Armenia—the conference provided a platform for sharing non-traditional and innovative approaches. Speakers demonstrated practical leadership methods and strategies for personal development.

The success of the conference was made possible with the support of various companies, including “Nairi Insurance,” “Evocabank,” “Adobe,” “ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade,” “Ispring,” and “The Corporate Human-Centricity Index.” The conference received support from notable contributors, including “Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia,” “Promo World,” and “Filosoft.”

Over the years, the regional conference has welcomed international speakers from more than 30 countries and engaged approximately 3,000 participants from 40 countries. For detailed information about the conference, please visit the website.