9th Annual Regional HR Conference. “HR: THE NEW NORMAL”

9th HR Conference

Armenian HR Association and Cascade People & Business have been organizing a regional conference on Human Resource Management for already 9 years in Armenia. Every year, the conference summons on a variety of topics reflecting the most important and essential issues in the industry.

This year the Conference took place on August 21, replacing offline face-to-face communication with online.It was entitled HR: THE NEW NORMAL. During the Conference, the participants had the opportunity to listen to various speeches, participate in the HR Expo, discuss nowaday issues, get acquainted with the offers related to the HR field,
unique and innovative solutions.

This year the conference hosted 12 internationally acclaimed and specially invited speakers by well-known companies, who shared the real-life cases they succeed in the field of Human Resource Management with the participants. Each of them, based on their experience and knowledge, presented their own formula for “The New Normal” in Human Resource Management.

“This year the Conference was absolutely practical, as we all understand that the recent Coronavirus pandemic and the overall global changes have put a fundamental different emphasis on our profession. Changes should be done not only in the conceptual but also in the practical part of our field. The field of Human Resource Management is being recharged and transformed. Based on that fact, HR. The New Normal Conference touched upon real, tangible and effectively used tools”, mentioned the organizer of the Conference, Arpi Karapetyan, the Chairman of the Armenian HR Association and General Manager of Cascade People & Business.

“For me, The New Normal is “online”, new normal is technologies and of course new normal is people. With this pandemic, HR functions has become even more strategic and crucial to manage the crisis in companies and organizations”, states the speaker of the Conference Antonio Corral, CEO of HR Bot Factory.

Co-founder of Human Capital Blockchain LTD, Rebeca Fernández states, “The NEW normal in HR for me is a hybrid between innovation and strategy.”

One of the speakers of the Conference Larissa Menocci, tells, “For me, The New Normal is to promote conscious Team Development and Psychological Safety to all teams – no matter where they are in the world.”

For the Head of Digital Projects at Leroy Merlin, Linda Benotmani, “The New Normal” in HR is being ready for changes; moreover, it is driving them, staying agile and empathic.

The most awaited annual event in the field was attended by about 200 participants representing more than 30 countries: Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Austria, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Malta, Brazil, Suriname, Sudan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Maldives, India and other countries. The participant’s list included HR managers, CEOs, trainers, consultants, and other stakeholders from numerous local and international organizations.

The General Partners of the Conference are SAP SE, Suriname Speaking Academy and Arar events. The EXPO partners of the Conference are Lucky Carrot, Joong, CELA, Tutor Platform, The Benefit, Golden Human Capital LTD, Business School of Marketing & Innovations, 360 stories, ITD World, iSpring and other companies.

The Conference yearly expands its scope, gaining more recognition in the professional community of the world.

Detailed information about the program, speakers, EXPO, and more can be found on the Conference website, www.hrconference.biz, as well as on all the social platforms.

Cascade People & Business (www.cascade.am) is a leading Human Resource Management Consulting Company in Armenia, acting under the principle of “Everything in the HR field and nothing beyond HR.” Over the course of 12 years of its operations with more than 500 local and international organizations, the company brings change and strives for perfection by acting as a benchmark for the day-to-day growing and developing HR community.

Armenian HR Association (www.hrcommunity.am) has more than 300 members from various organizations of Armenia starting from 2010. The Association aim is to bring together leading HR professionals through HR Advocacy, Professional Development, HR Club Meetings and Improvement of HRM Framework.