💡 Over the course of the past years, companies worldwide have faced more business challenges than ever before. Many companies now see talent as a critical solution to those challenges. The Creating People Advantage Survey (CPA) 2023 focuses on how HR and people functions globally are managing these challenges.

🤝 As the Armenian HR Association is a member of the European Association of Personnel Management (EAPM), we received a unique opportunity to participate in the international “Creating People Advantage Survey (CPA) 2023”.

👉 The survey is initiated and conducted by Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations. The goal is to support HR leaders in building team capabilities and business success.

📢 By participating in this comprehensive review of human resource management trends and issues, our HR community will have the opportunity to get a country-specific report on the HR field in Armenia for the first time.

📌 So please take 20 minutes and participate in the survey.

🔗 https://www.113.vovici.net/se/13B2588B146231AE

❗️ Note: The Armenian country-specific report will be available if more than 100 HR managers from our country complete the survey. Please actively participate and share it. ❗️