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I am from a mixed background Lebanese and Armenian, currently a member of Birthright Armenia. I graduated with a BA in Business Administration emphasis in Human Resource Management. I enjoy observing others behaviors and learning what keeps people motivated, so I chose HR as my profession. I am keen on learning new HR methods and tools. Also, aiming on attaining certification in Human Resource Management in the near future.

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  • Keeping the “HUMAN” in Human Resources

    What is the role of Human Resource Management at a company? “Human Resource Management (HRM) is that part of management process which develops and manages the human element of the enterprise considering their resourcefulness in terms of total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents, aptitudes and potentialities for effectively contributing to the organizational objectives.” Human resources

    August 10, 2020
  • Tips for Positive Workplace Culture

    “Culture, more than rule books, determines how an organization behaves”, Warren Buffett said. As you may know, a major reason for a company’s success are the people. A company’s culture is an important factor for job seekers to consider while applying for a job at a company. A company with a good culture will attract

    August 3, 2020
  • Employee Engagement and trends in 2020

    “Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work”. People around the world are passing through hard times, some more than others. The Covid-19 pandemic has become an additional stressor, affecting peoples’ lives on a daily basis. One of the effects of

    July 27, 2020
  • The importance of Mental Health at the Workplace

    As the world is passing through difficult times, from the rise in unemployment levels to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, employee stress levels are increasing. People are feeling stressed because of, the economic situation all over the world, one trying to secure his job, continuously working from home, stress of social issues, and from the

    July 20, 2020

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