Tips for Positive Workplace Culture

“Culture, more than rule books, determines how an organization behaves”, Warren Buffett said.

As you may know, a major reason for a company’s success are the people. A company’s culture is an important factor for job seekers to consider while applying for a job at a company. A company with a good culture will attract talented people. Employees who are strongly connected to their company’s culture will be more engaged and productive in the workplace. The culture of a company has an impact on the employee overall experience in his company.

“Create the kind of workplace and company culture that will attract great talent. If you hire brilliant people, they will make work feel more like play”, said Sir Richard Branson, an English business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist.

Tips for a positive culture:

  1. Equal opportunities/diversity: Diversity is not limited only to race, it includes gender, ethnicity, personality, age, education and background. Remember that a diverse workplace combines employees from different backgrounds, ethnicity and experiences, and together breed a more productive environment.
  2. Core values:  Values provide a guiding architecture that drives performance and behaviour. Companies have value systems that influence their attitudes, behaviours, and the ways in which they allocate resources. Values are the backbone of a company. Values might be subject to change as a company grows and the culture evolves.
  3. Learning and development: Learning programs help employees to build and develop new skills which will help with their career advancement. When employees grow and develop, the organization grows as well.
  4. Rewards/Recognition: Recognition gives employees a sense of purpose and positively impacts employee experience. Reward systems help employees to do great at their job.
  5. Unified purpose: a company which has a shared sense of purpose among the employees and management team there will be a unified understanding of why the organization exists in the first place, and what ultimately matters at work. Employees embrace a purpose-driven mindset at work, they are more likely to be engaged, resulting in not only higher performance and productivity, but overall levels of job satisfaction as well.
  6. Communication/Innovation: Open and effective communication; employees must feel comfortable communicating ideas, thoughts and opinions. Employees want their voice to be heard and their ideas considered.

Benefits of a good company culture include:

  1. Positive work environment.
  2. Better work quality.
  3. Employee retention.
  4. Increased motivation.
  5. Attract top talent.
  6. Increase in productivity.
  7. Healthy employees (psychologically and physically).

As stated above culture determines what kind of people will be joining a company as people look for a culture that they strongly relate to. There isn’t one formula for perfect company culture, because each company will have its own unique culture. When your company’s culture fits with your employee’s needs that will determine whether you have a perfect company culture or not. Keep the tips listed above in mind and expand upon them, these tips help shape your company’s culture. With the help of the HR and management team, you can create a perfect culture for your company.

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Author: Lara Elkhechen
I am from a mixed background Lebanese and Armenian, currently a member of Birthright Armenia. I graduated with a BA in Business Administration emphasis in Human Resource Management. I enjoy observing others behaviors and learning what keeps people motivated, so I chose HR as my profession. I am keen on learning new HR methods and tools. Also, aiming on attaining certification in Human Resource Management in the near future.