International HR Day 2021 Events


Inernational HR Day
Dear Armenian HR Association members,
As you may know, May 20 is recognized as International HR Day by the European Association for People Management (EAPM). The Armenian HR Association is also a member of EAPM
Now, we have an opportunity to share the events organised as part of a range of activities taking place across the world concerning International HR Day. 
This is a great chance to connect with other HR professionals from all over the world, share experiences and good practice.
Get involved in the upcoming events:
          1. DisruptHR Yerevan։ Global Success 2021 
          2. Connect and reflect: International speed networking for HR professionals
          3. Redefining the world of work: Insights and ideas from European HR Leaders 
          4. Rethink HR – Prepare today for tomorrow
          5. From HR (Human Resources) to HP (Human Potential): a shifting approach for an uncertain world
       6. Conversational Self-Services – How chatbots and AI transform HR Services
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and engaging in a very exciting build-up to #InternationalHRday 2021.