What are Miles on HRCommunity.am: How to Earn and Use Them?

Learn all about the Mile System for HR Community members.

HRCommunity Miles are a part of the gamification strategy on HRCommunity.am. They can be viewed as an encouraging reward for user activity on HRCommunity.am.  A user earns HRCommunity Miles whenever he/she does certain actions like posting an article, receiving likes, giving the right answer to a question etc.

This Miles strategy gives us a way to recognize and APPRECIATE those members who do the most to contribute to the community. Besides, it helps us and Star members have a visual image of the membership plan usage.

At HRCommunity.am, members earn points for various activities on the platform. For example, you can earn Miles when you receive high ratings on your article submissions.

How to earn and use Miles

On the user Miles Box, the total Miles earned by that particular user will be displayed.

How do I get Star Membership Miles?

Any time you upgrade your membership plan on HRCommunity.am, you earn Membership Miles. After a short time of your upgrade, our website administrator will send Miles to your Miles Box corresponding to your membership plan.

Users with 1, 2 and 3 Star membership will get the following amount of Miles:

1 Star 25.000 Miles
2 Star 60.000 Miles
3 Star 90.000 Miles
How can I accumulate Miles?

The following activities result in accumulation of Miles:

  • Initial Signup: 1000 Miles.
  • Receiving Likes from HRCommunity members on your published articles: You will get 3000 Miles for every 50 likes on your article. There is no time limit, gain as much likes as you can!
  • Buying Miles: You can just buy Miles online via your credit card.
Where can I use my Miles?
  • Members who own Miles have the privilege to participate in events on HRCommunity.am by using your Miles.
  • You can use your Miles for renting books and games on HRCommunity.am.